What we offer

Roncesvalles Physiotherapy aims to provide the community with the highest quality of physiotherapy services, with the client's needs at the centre of the treatment plan.  Roncesvalles Physiotherapy offers unique services such as comprehensive sports rehabilitation, dance injury prevention, pre and post-natal care, in addition to standard musculoskeletal therapy across the lifespan.  Using a client-centred approach and evidence-based treatment, clients will understand their impairment, the benefits of physiotherapy, and be empowered to return to sport and remain active throughout their lives.


Fee Schedule for Physiotherapy:

Initial Assessment           45 mins   $ 90

Follow up treatment      30 mins   $ 70

Follow up treatment      20 mins   $ 55

Sports pre-screening     30 mins   $ 70

Dance pre-screening     30 mins   $ 70

In Home Pre-natal Acupuncture  $ 90

Home Visits additional cost of       $ 15


Fee Schedule for Massage Therapy:

90 mins     $  130 + HST

60 mins     $  100 + HST

45 mins     $    80  + HST

30 mins     $    60  + HST

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday                  8am-8pm

Wednesday          2pm-7pm

Thursday               8am-8pm

Friday                      12pm-6pm