Not sure if your problem can be helped without hands?  We are confident you will benefit from education and exercises through video call if you:

  • Have a new ache or pain, or acute injury
  • Have an old injury that has not yet been addressed
  • Have an old injury that has been treated but has reached a plateau 

What you can expect is:

  • A detailed assessment that involves listening to you speak about your symptoms, specific questioning, and demonstration of movement and functional limitations as led by the physiotherapist.
  • Education about the likely problem.
  • Exercises that will help you on the path to recovery; you may well benefit from hands on treatment when it should become available, but there is no need to wait it out.

Will my benefits plan cover this type of treatment?

  • Under the current circumstances, most extended health coverage plans have made exceptions to allow their clients to access the care they need  - call them or check their website to be sure.
  • Most extended health coverage plans that require a medical doctor's referral for physiotherapy have also waived this requirement.

In light of the need for social distancing for an unknown period of time, we are now offering Tele-Rehab services.  Please click the link above to book online, or call the clinic to ask questions and/or schedule an appointment.  647.479.9444.